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Stay Organized at Home: Home Command Station

As I am staying home amid COVID-19, I am getting time to not only spend with family but also deep clean, organize, work from home, create and share via my blog. For years my family has used this Home Management System that I created and keep in our kitchen on the counter. It has tons of valuable information it in from things like our wish lists, Wifi access information for guests, emergency call numbers, coupons and much more. The sections that we use most is our family calendar and appointment tab. Any time someone has an appointment, we make note of it on the calendar (which stays open on the counter) and if we were given any special instructions etc., those document would go inside of the binder under the red “appointment” tab. With our busy lives and as much as we communicate, we tend to forget to remind each other about upcoming appointments etc.

I was inspired to create this Home Command Station by watching several YouTube videos.

Home Command Station

This binder has birthdays, Wifi information for guests, postage stamps as well as return address labels and our emergency contact information. I placed the cute binder clips in the back to store extra keys to our office-site storage, P.O Box etc.

This is our family calendar that we include any type of appointments and or events on. It stays open on the counter. It’s harder to get my husband to use it as he should so I try to make sure I ask him about appointments etc., often.

This book was created primarily for our family meeting notes/to do list’s, any type wish list which includes items we want for our birthday, Valentine’s etc., restaurants to try as well as a place to note future travel destinations. I’m huge on gift giving and I use the wish list throughout the year however others tend to use it as their special day approaches.

This binder has various lists I created. We shop by the grocery list, which we fill out during the week, take to the store and try to purchase only those things from the list. I also created the message notes primarily to be used for example, if the lawn care guy etc. asks me to give my husband a message. We use the UGA (Georgia) thank you cards to leave money etc. outside for services if we are not home.

Planner pages helps us to stay organized This page helps me and hubby to plan ahead for shopping as we plan our meals for the week. We primarily plan for dinner and breakfast.

The freezer inventory helps us stay organized as it relates to meats. I update before we go shopping. Some use it to track what is in the freezer and cross out what they used. The pantry inventory is used the same way. I update it sometimes before going shopping. I hate when I buy duplicates of things I already have like ketchup. Both of these forms work in conjunction with my grocery list.

This is a page that I created and don’t really use as much because meal planning for the week works out just fine.

This zip pouch is where my husband put coupons that come in the mail or ones he get and want to share them with my daughter and I.

These are just some miscellaneous items that I also keep in the station. That is loose note pad pages clipped together, pens and a mini notebook that houses business cards. Most of the cards we keep in there are in-home caterers, services that people primarily provide for our home as well as medical cards.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how we operate our home by using my DIY home command station. Please share how you and your family stay organized in your home. Stay safe and healthy.

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