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It’s our Anniversary!!! My anniversary gift idea for him..

This year I wanted to give my husband something different for an anniversary gift. I googled a few things and was inspired to create an Annual Date Night Kit. I will present it on our anniversary. There are 13 envelopes. He will open one on our anniversary and the one for January, within the next week. At the start of each month he will open an envelope and determine the date we will host the Date Night.

The colored paper is a little bit larger than the envelope.

I didn’t have to go out and purchase anything. My daughter gave me three aqua envelopes 6 x 9” and I had colored paper that I cut a little bit larger than the kraft envelope and glued it to the front as well as a I had a liquid glue stick.

I used a variety of stickers that I had from journaling which worked perfect for this kit.

I created a theme for each month as well as a detail card on brochure paper. The card will remind me of the plan and items needed.

I decorated each envelope to match the holiday, if any within the month. I didn’t want to use stickers that would give clues to the actual date night theme. I wrapped some of the envelopes with twine.

I used transparent tape to tape the twine to the back of each envelope just for an added special touch.

Once I placed the Date Night Card and the Detail Card in the envelope, I glued the envelope flap…so no peeking.

He will get to open this envelope on our anniversary, Jan. 19th. It will contain a gift card to his favorite coffee spot.

These were the final envelopes, one for each month.

I had this gold basket and used brown crinkle shredded paper to make it look more masculine.

This is the final with the card in front that he will open on our anniversary.

All packaged and ready for our BIG day!! 14 years

This gift was a huge hit! He said he absolutely loves when I get creative and think outside the box. This was something definitely outside of the box. I pray God allows us to enjoy every Date Night and many more for years to come.

If you would like for me to create a custom kit for you, contact me. The Date Night Kit is $60 (excludes shipping) and comes with everything needed to package your gift. Or you can purchase the monthly Date Night and Detail Cards PDF files for $20 …Tosha

To learn more…click the links below. House of Empowerment, Inc. Southern Girlfriends

Also connect with me on social media: Living Life with Tosha (name change coming soon) Southern Girlfriends FB Group: Southern Girlfriends 40-Day Sugar Fast Detox – Here is the link for the book by Wendy Speake []

Some links contain items that are similar to the ones that I used. Links are affiliate links.

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