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Valentine’s Day/Anniversary gifts for him: 5 Senses

If you have followed me since January, you saw that I gave my husband a unique gift for our 14th anniversary. It was an Annual Date Night Kit. For February, his gift is a Spa, Movie and heavy hors d’oeuvres Night. I have also decided to incorporate The 5 Senses Gifts. I have not decided on the food yet however I might go with salad, potato and have him grill ribeye steaks earlier in the day.

Just for show, I set it up on our guestroom bed. These are the items that will go inside the bags.

This is an image of the 5 Senses gift items. You can get all of the items by clicking on the links below. Touch – (Inside your hugs is my favorite place to be) * Georgia Bulldogs hat – * After Shave Care – or Sight – (Just the sight of you makes me fall in love all over again). * I made the customer home theater invite (you can get it here) and * The Cut Book – Smell – (Your smell has me spellbound; You smell like love in the air) * Prada cologne: Taste – (Without you there would be no delicious. Master Chef) * Crown Royal Peach – found at your local package store * Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Candy – Sound – (The sound of your voice is music to my ears) * Blues Cd’s – or other items: Balloons – Valentines Gift Bags: Red lights: Gift Bag Tags:

a closer look

a closer look

Water bottle labels

I surfed the internet for inspiration of a water bottle label and I made these Love Potion labels. You can get them here. As well as the Gift Bag Tags:

Here are the spa pedicure and bath supplies. The mini crock pot has washcloths in it that will keep them hot and will be used for steaming. Supplies used: Crockpot: or Boxed water: Vaseline spray: Love bath bomb: Black towels and washcloths: Dove moisturizer Men Care: Hershey Kisses (Valentine’s theme): Moisturizing socks: Repairing Socks: Body scrubber/sponge: Facial Cleaning Towels for men:

I made the Honey Scrub and custom label to match the water bottle label.

The scrub may not look good but it smells awesome! It glides on the skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. It has hints of charcoal, lavender, and cotton essential oils with herbal beads.

To learn more…click the links below. My non-profit: House of Empowerment, Inc. Southern Girlfriends

Also connect with me on social media: Living Life with Tosha FB Group: Southern Girlfriends 40-Day Sugar Fast Detox – Here is the link for the book by Wendy Speake []

Some links contain items that are similar to the ones that I used. Links are affiliate links.

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