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of my BFF

Richelle Gates

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 Richelle's life was taken due to domestic violence on 9/6/2011

We met in 2006 at Pepper's Grill and Bar in Riverdale, GA after I had recently moved to the area. She had a spirit of a social butterfly. She knew everything about everything :-). We spoke every day and several times a day! She was my human GPS, helping me navigate and learn my way throughout Atlanta. She hosted events, wrote poems, and was just the best person you could ever meet. She introduced me to reading more and had a library larger than anyone I knew. I joined her book club and the first book we read was, A New Normal by K. Lee. She invited the author to attend, as she would do with most of the books we would read. 

I miss her dearly!

I know you are smiling down from Heaven because anything to do with reading and connecting women was food to your soul! 

Rest in Peace,Richelle

7/26/73 - 9/6/2011


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