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Women Together Making a Positive Difference

We are seeking compassionate volunteers who are passionate about making a positive impact in their community. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to provide essential items to mothers and babies, ensuring they have the resources they need for a healthy and empowered start in life. Whether it's donating your time, organizing fundraising events, or spreading awareness through social media, your contribution will make a significant difference. Together, we can create a nurturing environment where every mom and baby can thrive. Join House of Empowerment today and be a part of transforming lives and fostering empowerment for families in need.

Ready to take the next Step?

This is a mission of many. Whether you’re most comfortable contributing time to help achieve our empowerment goals, money to help us grow, or prayers to back the entire operation, we need you on our team.

Open opportunities

Resource Coordinator: Collect and organize resources, such as educational materials, books, online tools, and events that can benefit moms in their personal and professional development.

Fundraising Volunteer: Assist with fundraising activities, such as organizing and promoting fundraising events, conducting donor outreach, or helping with grant research and writing.

Marketing and Communications Volunteer: Help with marketing efforts, including social media management, content creation, website maintenance, and graphic design to raise awareness about the organization's mission and programs.

Event Coordinator: Assist in planning and organizing events, conferences, or seminars focused on empowering moms. Coordinate logistics, secure venues, manage registrations, and oversee event execution.

Support Group Leader: Facilitate outings where moms can connect, share their experiences, and offer support to one another in a safe and nurturing environment. Can be moms-only or mom and kids outings. 

Celebrations and Milestones Coordinator: This role would involve keeping track of significant events, milestones, and achievements in the lives of individuals associated with the organization, such as birthdays, births, educational achievements, job announcements, and other noteworthy moments. 

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Please click below to access the volunteer application.  Once complete, you will hear from a member of House of Empowerment within 7 days. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteerinig with

House of Empowerment, Mom 2 Mom Life Academy. 

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