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Tansformation Life Coach and Parenting Coach 

Are you inundated with a multitude of ideas, making it difficult to sort through and find direction?

Are you looking for a supportive companion to help you along your life's  journey, providing guidance in life's decisions, career, marriage, relationships?

Are you ready to take your personal life to the next level but not sure where to start? If so,


Let's connect for a free 30-minute consultation to help you achieve the success you desire in your life. 

As your Transformation Life Coach, I am dedicated to supporting you as you navigate life's challenges and opportunities, rediscovering your true self, restarting your journey, and embracing the path ahead.

Our coaching services are in partnership with non-profit, House of Empowerment, Inc.


Coaching Services Offered



Help guide you through significant life changes, personal growth, and


(marriage & single life)
Virtual & In-person 



Develop effective strategies to streamline your wardrobe, refine your image, and elevate your personal style.

Image Consultation
Wardrobe Makeover
Wardrobe Review
Style Coaching
Personal Shopping
Style Hotline 




Let me tailor one or more of my image motivational programs to meet the needs of your organization and staff.

1-1 Image Consulting



Discover efficient home management strategies with personalized organization and redecoration to align your space with your unique journey.



Home Management
Declutter & Organize
Home Refresh

Click CONTACT ME to create a personalized coaching package that aligns with your budget and meets your needs. Looking forward to connecting soon! 


Tosha's inspiration to start RediscoveringU Academy stemmed from her personal experience when she was seeking coaching services for her own transformational journey. During that time, she faced challenges in finding a business that offered the specific services she desired. Moreover, when Tosha reached out to counselors and coaches for support, she encountered further obstacles. Unfortunately, out of approximately twenty professionals, only one  answered her call promptly. Another eventually returned her call after several messages, but the interaction was disappointing as the professional argued with her, claiming that they always call clients back. 

The lack of transformational services tailored to her needs and the disappointing lack of responsiveness from some professionals deeply impacted Tosha, and it motivated her to establish the RediscoveringU Academy. Her mission is to create a coaching space that prioritizes genuine care and responsiveness for clients. At the academy, she aims to offer exceptional coaching services where clients feel heard, supported, and valued on their journey of rediscovery and personal growth. By sharing her own experience, Tosha demonstrates her commitment to providing a different and empowering coaching experience for her clients.


Tosha, a certified Life Coach since 2019, is enthusiastic about guiding individuals on their journey to personal growth and self-discovery. With her passion for empowerment and commitment to continuous learning, she aims to make a positive impact on her clients' lives as they embrace positive changes and reach their goals

​What is Coaching? And how is it different than consulting?
Coaching is a collaborative process focused on empowering individuals to achieve their goals through self-discovery and action. It involves asking powerful questions and facilitating growth. Consulting, on the other hand, provides expert advice and solutions based on the consultant's specialized knowledge.

Is there a cancellation fee?

To secure your space, a deposit is required at the time of booking. Please note that if you cancel, your deposit will be forfeited. However, if you keep your appointment, the deposit will be applied towards your visit.

How do I know if it’s time to update my look?

Assessing your own image can be challenging, and that's where a professional can help. Here are some indicators: Others guess your age as 5 years older or younger. Your closet contains faded or worn-out items. Your favorite brands are no longer available. Your hair stylist assumes your preferences. You don't feel confident when you see yourself in the mirror. Seeking expert advice can lead to positive transformations.


Do you also work with men?

Absolutely! Collaborating with husbands, friends, brothers, and significant others of my female clients is a valuable aspect of my work. Together, we can enhance their overall image and style, fostering a positive impact on their lives and relationships. It's a privilege to provide comprehensive support for individuals and their loved ones.


What if I have a limited budget for clothing?

Not a problem. I’ll teach you how to maximize your budget. You’ll learn how to shop smart. You’ll discover how to mix and match, to create more outfits with fewer pieces. And, because we determine your optimum colors, shapes, and styles, you’ll master how to repeat your clothing successes and eliminate costly clothing mistakes.


How important is it to follow the trends?

While I advocate maintaining a look that is current and relevant, I don’t recommend following trends for trends’ sake.  I advise incorporating only those new styles, shapes, and colors that look best on you. What’s more, I advise adding these fashion-infused pieces only after you have your wardrobe staples. Tip: There’s no need to spend a lot on trends. Remember: what’s in today can be so yesterday by tomorrow.

I have decided that RediscoverU services are right for me. What should I do next?
Schedule your FREE 30-minute virtual consultation to get any questions you have answered and to jointly determine and agree upon the service(s) recommended.

Satellite Office: 67 Keys Ferry St. McDonough, GA  30253
Mailing address: 998 US 19-41 Unit 398, Hampton, GA  30228
(678)752-1005 Email:

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