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Cancer Care Package

My bestfriend was not only a friend but also my coworker. She was the type of coworker/friend that we spent time together during and after work. She started complaining of not being able to digest her food and other stomach issues. She continued to go the the doctor but was not diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer until it was far too late. Within the next year she gained her wings, Mother’s Day 2018.

This was a package I created for her as she was undergoing chemotherapy. She away Mother’s Day 2018.

Ginger Tea: This helped with taste buds sensitivity ChapStick: Pink Pens: Trail Mix: LemonHead: GermX: Footies (these were for men due her feet were and I made the bow. Here are some for ladies: Ricola cough drops: Large blanket: or Heating Pad oversized 12×24 I made the pink cover: Thank you cards. She was receiving so many gifts. She wanted to send cards: Book: Taming Worry and Anxiety: Biotene: She complained of dry mouth due to chemo a lot and this helped. Facial Tissue: or Vaseline cream: She complained of dry skin a lot – Appointment book: or Jolly Rancher: she loved hard candy

To learn more…click the links below. My non-profit: House of Empowerment, Inc. Southern Girlfriends

Also connect with me on social media: Living Life with Tosha FB Group: Southern Girlfriends 40-Day Sugar Fast Detox – Here is the link for the book by Wendy Speake []

Some links contain items that are similar to the ones that I used. Links are affiliate links.

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