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What’s in my Bible Tote 👜

Hi my friends! For quite some time I have wanted to create a video of what’s in my Bible Tote since several of the ladies at church always inquire about it because I keep it so organized.

This is my Bible Tote which I absolutely love! 💕 💕 I purchased it about 2 years ago from Hobby Lobby. I think the regular price was $29. I know I used the 40% off coupon however I don’t think they sell it any longer. Bible Tote:

The inside! 💕 Women’s Devotional Bible NIV or KJV or NKJV

A closer look 👀 Zip pouch: Journal: Prayer Cards:

My bible and daily journal. This journal is not necessarily used for Bible journaling. It is normally in my handbag during the week. It is used for capturing day-to-day notes/activities. I have several Bibles that I use. I even have a different one that I use for Bible study on Wednesday nights. Journal: Women’s Devotional Bible NIV or KJV or NKJV

The top zipper pouch includes markers and highlighters. They are designed for Bible journaling. The little clear pouch has all of my book markers in it which I will share further down. The bottom zipper pouch keeps pens, tissue and the book marker pouch in it. On the left side is prayer cards. These are so awesome! I share them with ladies in the church and friends from time to time. Prayer Cards: Bookmarks: or Stretchy Bookmarker:

Prayer Cards Prayer Cards:

These are my book markers. Some were given to me as gifts over time. I also have page markers stickies taped in the front of my Bible. The book marker pouch was upcycled which held an old flash drive. I placed stickers on it to decorate it. Bookmarks: or Stretchy Bookmarker:

This little pouch is where I keep perfume, lip gloss, Lip Balm, Lotion, cash and my cell phone. I normally give online however I like to keep cash just in case I need to purchase things after service. Zip pouch: Lip Balm: Perfume: Lip Gloss: Green tea hand cream:

This pocket encloses a pink plastic pouch where I keep the latest church bulletins, just in case I need to refer to them later. Also in this section, I keep a sticky note pad as well as our daily bread reading material. Pens: or

This pouch keeps my Kindle Fire which I use sometimes instead of my Bible. The stylus pen helps with keeping my fingerprints off my screen. Kindle Fire: Stylus Pen:

These are just some other things that I incorporate. That is my prayer journal that I use to journal in versus journaling in my Bible. It also has my glasses, a fan, mints and a sanitary item for emergencies. Illustrated coloring bible: Always pads: Mints: Eyeglasses case: or

This is me! A simply southern women after God’s own ❤️! I hope you have enjoyed the images of what’s in my Bible Tote. Have a blessed day and stay safe and healthy!

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