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Valentine’s Day gifts with a CAUSE:

She is far more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31:10

This year I wanted to double the love for Valentine’s Day. Not only give to my husband but also show love for women of domestic violence.

These items will be placed in the gift bags. I added a few more items than those listed on card attached to the bag. I made the cards on 8×11 gloss brochure paper (2 per page) and glued them to the bag.

I am currently reading The 40-Day Sugar Fast by Wendy Speake, which by the way is an awesome journey. On day 28, the chapter was titled, Feed My Sheep, which reflected on helping to meet the needs of others. After reading this chapter, I was empowered to do something. I knew I had remembered seeing a post flyer shared by a church that I follow on Facebook, Heaven Bound. I decided to partner with them in collecting items for women at a local domestic violence shelter. The timing was just right and the contact was very receptive.

The labels used for the hand sanitizers are faith stickers.

As I read the following passage from the chapter, it really made me reflect on my life and how I need to care more about the needs of others rather than my own. “Share Gods love with others. During this time of fasting, let me encourage you to choose a practical way that you might generously share the love of God with those in need. This fast is not about you, it’s about Christ in you and ultimately He wants to love others through you. Don’t worry about your own needs right now. Trust God to take care of you as you make yourself available to care for others.”

Gift bags. On the back of the bag, I printed that saying and used the 2″ scalloped hole punch to make it look like a sticker. I used red sparkly curling ribbon instead of the black pictured.

Items used: some items are similar to the ones I used.

Dove Beauty Cream: HP Brochure Paper | Glossy Professional InkJet – Dermsil Body Wash – Hand Sanitizer Gel (4 Pack – Mini 2 oz Bottle) – Valentine good bag – Scalloped hole punch – Kleenex Pocket Packs – Pink Pen – Journal – Faith stickers –

To learn more…click the links below. My non-profit: House of Empowerment, Inc. Southern Girlfriends

Also connect with me on social media: Living Life with Tosha FB Group: Southern Girlfriends 40-Day Sugar Fast Detox – Here is the link for the book by Wendy Speake []

Some links contain items that are similar to the ones that I used. Links are affiliate links.

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