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Mommy & Me Wellness Bundles

Mom 2 Mom Life Academy is here for you to turn to for support and a healthy journey. We provide a monthly Wellness Baby Bundle and a one-time Wellness Mommy Bundle, as a welcome to Mom 2 Mom Life Academy, which includes a variety of helpful resources for mom and baby. 

Mommy & Me Wellness

Diaper Bundle 

  • Diapers (size NB - 6)

  • Wipes 

  • Feminine Hygiene products

  • Toiletries (adult & child)

  • Household supplies

Parents can request the following as needed, if in stock at HOEI. 
  • Feeding supplies

  • ​Clothes, blankets, shoes

  • Baby equipment (high chairs, strollers, potties, bouncy seats, etc.)

  • Emergency Energy Assistance 

  • Gas Cards 

  • Movie & Event Passes 

A variety of items, all at no charge to you however you will need to be a member of Mom 2 Mom Life Academy. 

Mommy Wellness Bundle 

(Welcome Pack) 

  • Pregnancy test

  • 10-month membership to Mom 2 Mom Life Academy

  • Toiletries 

  • Nutritious snacks 

  • Water

  • Journal

  • Resources for women's health

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Feminine hygiene products 

  • Self-care items (if available)

Just for becoming a member of Mom 2 Mom Life Academy, you receive this welcome bundle all at no charge to you!

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