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Faith. Empowerment. Friendship. Support. Growth

House of Empowerment has become a refuge for many growing families in need of material assistance, emotional support, and guidance through the journey of parenting and life in general. The Earn While You Learn program is designed to provide education about pregnancy and parenting for both moms and dads. Individually, or as a couple, clients are supported by a mentor from early pregnancy until their child is two years old! Through this ongoing relationship, House of Empowerment helps to empower moms and dads by promoting healthy pregnancy, effective parenting, strong families and spiritual growth. 

Come connect with other parents and build supportive relationships in a faith-based environment. 

Our goals:

  • Educate pregnant moms on how they can decrease their chances of having a premature/ low birth weight baby. 

  • Encourage moms to keep their prenatal doctor appointments and keep their stress level low.

  • Help prevent pregnancy complications and maternal deaths and improve women's health before, during, and after pregnancy.

  • Visit new moms in the hospital and possibly at home by someone from House of Empowerment or a volunteer.

  • To meet parents where they are and walk beside them as they journey through parenting. 

  • Meet monthly to share experiences and concerns.

  • For moms to continue to receive education about ensuring a healthy pregnancy, breast feeding & raising a healthy child.

Our Core Values:

  • God first

  • Love and respect ourselves

  • Respect everyone regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, or past experiences

  • Enhance healthy relationships

  • Inspire and encourage participants that only excellence is expected

  • To live through leadership and confidence

We are moms, and we believe that better moms make a better world.

Who we serve?

  • Parents who live South of Atlanta. We have moms in Henry, Clayton, Spalding, Butts, and surrounding counties and due to our virtual option, we are in Bibb, Bulloch, and Screven counties. We will continue to expand.

Is House of Empowerment for dads too?

  • A growing number of clients at HoEi are men! We are excited to see dads attend appointments and find answers to questions like:

  • How can I help when my baby cries?

  • much do babies cost?

  • How will I discipline my child?

  • What is my role as protector and leader?


  • Membership is free and moms receive a Mommy Wellness & Self-care welcome bundle.

  • Mom or Dad can pick-up their monthly diaper bundle at the Diaper Pop-up Shop. 

  • Access to Mom 2 Mom Life Academy in-person or virtual meetings, 2nd Tuesday's at 6PM.

Missing several consecutive meetings will result in not receiving your Diaper Bundle for that month.  

Once you register, you will receive an email that contains the appointment link to schedule your 1-1 to get to know Mrs. Tosha and she can get to know you.

Meeting Schedule & information 

Meetings are 2nd Tuesday of each month, 6-7 PM. In-person and virtual via Microsoft Teams. 

Refreshments will be served and opportunities to win prizes.

Meeting Schedule

67 Keys Ferry Street, McDonough, GA  30228

and VIRTUAL Microsoft Teams

(once registration is complete, link will be emailed closer to meeting date)  

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