The Busy Beehive Society, LLC is the parent company of all enterprises (House of Empowerment, Inc., Southern Girlfriends and The Busy Beehive Society Blog) operated by Tosha Morell. It also serves as an organization of individuals aspiring to organize their lives. Through The Busy Beehive Society, we offer, The Organized Life Boot Camp.  

Tosha has a long and productive career in office administration spanning more than 18 plus years, working as an Administrative Assistant, Small Business Assistant and Contract Manager in various industries including Corporate America, construction, non-profit sector, and many specialized services to individuals. She is the founder of non-profit, House of Empowerment, Inc. where she donates 10% of her business profits to her ministry. 

In 2011, Tosha started TM Diversified, Inc., offering secretarial services to businesses and individuals who needed help with day-to-day administrative tasks. In 2020, TM Diversified blossomed into, The Busy Beehive Society, LLC helping clients to have a more organized life at home through various workshops. 


A little insight about Tosha... 

Tosha has been on the journey of organizing her life and keeping it organized for years. Some individuals are more organized at work than they are at home and her goal is to help them find that balance. As a young adult, Tosha had a mentor who helped her understand life management around parenting, finances, including understanding her credit score, meal planning and simply living life within her means. It was a stressful time in her life because she was used to spending frivolously. Looking back at it, she can say those were the best lessons she could have ever learned.

She attempted to purchase her first home at 25 years old however, during the process, she found out that her daughter had a benign brain tumor and that put a halt to everything in her life.

It finally happened! She purchased her first home at 26 years old in Savannah, GA. It was the home for her children. All her daughter’s medical appointments were in Atlanta, so she decided to move. She made the decision to keep her home in Savannah and she purchased a second home two years later, south of Atlanta. Tosha will share her life lessons of how she manages to organized life at home which will help you have the organized life you wish for.    

Tosha graduated Cum Laude from Mercer University with a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Organizational Leadership and minor in Communications. She is a Certified Life Coach and through transparency, she is inspired to help others. She is also a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. 

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