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Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!

HaPPY BiRtHdaYYYYY! to me! Be sure to check out my back down memory lane slideshow below. I absolutely love love to celebrate birthdays and today is my special day! I celebrated this past Saturday. Hubby treated me to a day trip to the beach in Florida. I enjoyed the rain and the sun as well as found some driftwood as I walked along the water.

A trip down memory lane!

2nd Birthday –I had the “BESTEST” parties given by the “BESTEST” MOMMY

1st Birthday

Head Start Jersey City NJ

Becoming..a mother to my 2 heartbeats

I get it from my lovely aunt Sarah (left)..such a blessing to me and my family!

The day I met my brother for the first time March 17, 1992

If there were a relationship named..Cousin-Sister..that would be us

The day I married my God sent husband..This was an image from the reception

Honeymoon in Calica Mexico

The talent God gifted me with..#creativity

In concert….my #1 Diana Ross..birthday gift from hubby

A TRUE FRIEND..RIH Richelle Gates..#DomesticVoilenceSucks

Happy Birthday

My Cousin-Sister

The father Felton Hill RIH

I took pics to celebrate getting a “real job with benefits including a 401K” as my mom would say..Southern Company 1999

The day I turned 40 was just ABSOLUTELY phenomenal!


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