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Ideas on Fall Dining Room Tablescape

aaah started setting my dining room tablescape for Fall! As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m not planning to do much redecorating for Fall due to several major projects. I’m only focusing on 3 areas, my front porch, entryway and dining room.

I had done some research via Pinterest and Google to get some ideas as well as have been spending time in Pier 1.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

I started with a clean slate. I removed everything from the table which was my summer decor, cleaned and polished and placed those items in the kitchen to be washed.

Everything from my summer tablescape washed and ready to be stored.

These were my first runs/ideas which I was not feeling at all. My colors are copper, blue, sage green and khaki/ivory.

I created a faux menu which coordinates with my colors. I saw the idea on Pinterest however for a wedding. We are in the process of building a sunroom on the back of our home and plan to have breakfast out there on Saturday mornings.

This to me was the worse of the two.

The final look and I absolutely love it!!! This is the head table place setting on each end. I scored those copper napkin rings from a thrift store. They originally came from Z Gallerie. There was also two other different sets/styles included in the bag all for $6.95.

Side table place setting.

Side view. The centerpiece idea is an original. I had the cake stand and wanted to use it for Fall. I’m still trying to find out what to put in it.

Ariel view of the room.

Connect and share your ideas with me on social media!

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