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It’s finished! Newly refreshed baking cart

I just finished refreshing my baking cart… and here it is!

I just love my baking cart! I don’t get to bake much however when I do, I’m ready! I was looking for a cover for my KitchenAid mixer however my BFF surprised me and made this one. My baking station is not new to my pantry. Shortly after the construction of my pantry earlier this year, I was inspired to create my own cart.

After researching Pinterest and YouTube, I wanted to refresh my cart . The almond rolling cart came from Michaels

OMG I just love my eggs tray which is actually an ice tray 😉 The cart topper also came from Michaels. It was 19.99 however I used a 60% off coupon. Scroll down to see what I have stored in it!

I made my own custom labels. They match the labels in the pantry as well as in my baking pantry which I will share my baking pantry later.

I primarily use granulated sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar and flour and I have all the compartments for those. The flour container is under the plastic measuring cup. The granulated and brown sugar containers are oxo and purchased from Home Goods. I purchased the powdered sugar shaker and plastic measuring cup both from Williams Sonoma.

The jar I used for my decorating tips is from Home Goods and cupcake liner jar is from Bealls. It does have a black label which you can write on it using chalk however I decided to make my own label.

This extra large stackable box was definitely a must have! It’s from the Container Store and my husband looked at me like I was crazy when I paid $30 for it. It is large enough to hold all of my mixer attachments as well as my hand mixer. I placed a drawer liner in the cart to keep the box from sliding.

O so cool!!! all of my utensils needed for baking…all in one place. Here is what I have stored under the cart lid.

I had these plastic bead containers that I used for another project and had some left over. I was inspired to use them to hold candles.

This is the pantry door. Hubby wants to replace it soon.

I hope you enjoyed my baking cart! Share yours, ask questions and share feedback. Follow me on social media.

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