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I was nominated for the Liebster Award!

Wow! Blog life is such an awesome journey! I have thoroughly enjoyed writing out my thoughts as well as reading the thoughts of others. Thanks to Tangie Woods @ for nominating me! We recently connected and she seems like a jewel. God is answering my prayers, connecting me with other like-minded women across the globe. I look forward to getting her comments and likes especially while I’m doing my part by staying home amid Covid-19 (this too shall pass).

I set up my blog account quite some time ago and shared a few posts about home keeping which I truly enjoy. My home is my safe place and my goal is to have it set up to enjoy just as I would if I were at a resort. Life took a turn and was very busy with work although my blog stayed on my mind. I recently returned to it and looking forward to the journey to blog about God, home keeping, budgeting tips, shopping, my Women’s Ministry through my nonprofit, House of Empowerment, Inc. and more.

A woman after God’s own ❤️

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