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God is Speaking to our Heart

ONE NATION UNDER GOD! This means that GOD is at the HELM!

I started this post two days ago however God spoke to my spirit on last night and told me to tell as many as I could reach that He is very angry at how the world is operating. He advised we have to do better or we will experience famine next. He has given us chance after chance and this is our last chance. He is going to heal this land and advised that this virus served as a wake up call. We must realize that we are all human beings, we have all been very wasteful and that we must…we must.. put more love in our heart for one another.

The last time He gave me a revelation , I was disobedient and his word came forth related to someone’s healing however I had only told my husband about it and I didn’t deliver the word to the individual. This time I will be obedient. I pray that we as a nation become united as one. Regardless of the color of our skin. Regardless of democrat or republican. We are one nation under God.

My DIY Prayer Closet. Bins at the bottom are now labeled. 

Scripture: Jeremiah 24 : 1- 10

During my morning bible study, sometimes I love to just open my Bible and start reading and the scripture that I opened it to this morning came from Jeremiah 24 : 1-10. What a revelation! It is in the Word.

Now I will share the initial post….As we are asked to remain home amid the Covid-19 crisis across the globe, I want to encourage you as you begin to spend these moments with your family also take time to spend with God by praying and reading your bible. These have been days unlike ever before. We as Christians know that this is not a surprise to God. Through it all God is in control and He loves us unconditionally. We must continue to give Him all of the glory, praise and honor even as we go through this. As with any other storms, we know that there is an end and only He knows the outcome.

Image result for storms in our lives go through it

As with any other storm in our lives, He will take us through.

I recently sat in my office and reflected on life prior to Covid-19 and how the world was in such an uproar, Democrats vs. Republicans, the President vs. the world and Obama, the people vs. the President, white vs. black…against other races, you name it, there is an argument going forward. I hated to turn on the news. I just knew we could not continue to stand as a nation in such an uproar. What came to me was the famous quote, a house divided cannot stand. As an American, our house/ nation is definitely divided and we were destined for a wake- up call.

Amid Covid-19, I’ve recently seen an announcement of a National Day of Prayer, more individuals turning to God for guidance. We all have our own beliefs but I will continue to stand on the word of God.

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