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Fall refrigerator decor ideas

I wanted to add that special touch to the top of my refrigerator on a budget and I came up with this idea. I absolutely love i! It blends well with our kitchen colors and theme.

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Initially I placed all the items inside of the basket on top of the refrigerator but I couldn’t see a few of the items so I turned the basket upside down and just placed the items on top of it. I purchased the basket from Ross.

I purchased the spiritual saying mug, copper pumpkin and white pumpkin spice candle from Home Goods. The thankful sign actually came from Dollar Tree. It has the Buffalo check on the sides. The white Fall can with the pumpkin inside of it and the water mill candle holder both came from Dollar General. I removed the orange pumpkins they were in the can and replace it with a white pumpkin. The two tier stand came from Hobby Lobby.

I’m have never been a fan of magnets on my refrigerator however I love these and will add more. They are all from Hobby Lobby except for hubby Bulldog magnet ❤️🖤. Some I purchased and some family members gifted me.

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