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DIY with God..A Place for Prayer in my home

Hello beautiful people! If you follow, Creating the Life I Love…Together on Facebook as well as my blog, you will notice I recently shared with you, that I wanted to create a prayer space within my home. I had to pray about it because I knew I didn’t have a spare close that I could convert into something like this which is what most use.

After I prayed, later that day God revealed the location, which was in my guest room. Initially this cabinet was used for guest towels, toiletries and linen and used very little. Now when guests visit, they can utilize A Place For Prayer or it will be out of their way tucked away inside the cabinet. The inspiration came from watching a few different YouTube channels, which I enjoy doing.

It wasn’t hard to create the space due to me having mostly everything already just in different places. I actually received the vision/blueprint on Friday and was finished with the space on Sunday 10/6/19.

Original cabinet which housed supplies for my guest room.

These journals were either gifted to me or from my home library.

Books, journals, and bibles from my home library. I recently purchased two journals and planner.

This was October 6, 2019, my first night in a place for prayer in my home. I didn’t want a bulky chair in the space because I have my guest bed directly behind me. This stool fits just perfect. As I read the days devotional, it led me to pray for family. It was so profound. Of course it had me in tears. The scripture came from Psalms 105 1-3.

I attempted to find the stick up lighting to go under each shelf however I wasn’t able to so I used candles and it was just perfect. I wanted a more tranquil setting so I added a touch of turquoise which is my favorite color and reminds me of a calm place. This night I did use my phone only to play relaxation sounds. The ambience was awesome and God truly filled the space.

After the first night, I added a Bluetooth speaker and an old iPhone for WiFi which gives me access to YouTube to play relaxation sounds. This eliminates me from having my so phone in the space to disturb me.

The box to the left has bibles in it with my scripture box on top of it. The plastic container in the middle has inspirational stickers in it and the boxes on the right have journals and divine help books.

Supplies section comprised of sticky notes, highlighters, pencils, markers, coloring pencils and pens.

This inspiration came from one that I follow on YouTube. I placed labels on my highlights which helps with highlighting in my bible or in my journal. I just need to train my brain what each color represents when I see it.

I updated the space with this prayer box I purchased from Marshall’s.

Custom bookmarks by Naomi

I hope you have enjoyed my A Place for Prayer I’m my home. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments.

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