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Baking Pantry Refresh after renovations

Hi there! If you follow me you will notice that I have a new pantry which used to be my laundry room as well as a baking cart and now my old pantry is currently a baking pantry. All for someone who doesn’t do much cooking or baking however when I do I thoroughly enjoy it.

I also enjoy decorating/refreshing my home from time to time. Feel free to ask any questions and share your thoughts.

This is a full view of the space. I recently purchased the oxo containers for $6.99/3. I really don’t have use for them now however at that price I wasn’t going to pass them up so I bought two.

The top shelf contains my KitchenAid mixer bowl cover, a large adjustable rolling pin, cupcake decorations, clear to go containers and my travel cupcake container. The bins on the left are made by idesign and are labeled. The bins have decorating bags, flavoring, gloves, candy apple sticks, icing, and gels/food coloring in them. The clear plastic bins to the right are also labeled to hold chocolate molds and to go to containers for pie and cake slices.

The green storage bin to the left contains all of my cookie cutters. I also have a spare egg holder. My coffee cup holder is labeled and is made by iDesign. I purchased the turntable from Home Goods which makes it convenient to store disposable cups which we use daily. The basket on the bottom shelf contains all items to cut fruit in shapes etc. Next to it is my Panini grill and crockpot. On the floor is where I store spare paper towels as well as my baking pans.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I have my baking pantry organized however feel free to go back through my blog to view my pantry and my refreshed baking cart. Or click the link.

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