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House of Empowerment Board Job Descriptions

The President shall:

  • Serve as President for one year.

  • Shall be the official representative of the Club and preside over all official meetings of the Club and the Board and direct all the affairs of the Club during term of office.

  • Set and conduct all meetings of the Board of Directors.

  • Be a co-signer on the club’s checking account.

  • In accordance with the By-Laws, appoint a Nominating Committee, which in turn shall gather a slate of candidates for the next term of office.

  • Following term of office, the President shall serve as Past President Advisor.

  • Shall ensure the financial review and obtain the report to present to the Board.

  • Shall ensure the development of the annual budget by the Treasurer and present it to the Board for approval.

  • The President will keep a record of the significant Club happenings and events during term of office. Collect and assemble information to distribute to the members as needed, i.e., email blast and posting on the website.


The Vice-President and Membership Chair shall:

  • Perform the duties of the President if she is unavailable. When so acting, the President-Elect shall have all of the powers of, and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President.

  • Shall oversee the preparation of the annual membership Yearbook. · Shall plan the annual program of Club events for term as President.

  • Shall serve as advisor to the Nominating Committee.

  • Shall invite individuals to appointed positions for term as President.

  • As Membership Chair, collect dues, deposit dues, cash and checks. Send deposit slips to the Treasurer.

  • Check mailbox 1-2 x/week for new membership applications.

  • Send a welcome e-mail letter to new members and provide them with a Member details.

  • Add new members to the membership roster and notify the President by e-mail of the new member name.

  • Be a co-signer on the club’s checking account.

  • Prepare an updated roster each month and e-mail the roster for the President to utilize for the monthly “blast”.

  • Share on the Southern Girlfriends Facebook page and as needed submit general club information to External Affairs Administrator.

The Recording Secretary shall:

  • Take minutes at each Board meeting and at earliest convenience, email them to the Board members for their review. Make any corrections and email the final copy to Board members.

  • Present these minutes for Board approval at the next meeting. After approval, a corrected copy of the minutes shall be kept in the Recording Secretary’s binder and one copy shall be provided for the President’s notebook.

  • Prepare documents as directed by the Board.

  • Retain the official records of the group: the By-laws and Board policies, About Us, official minutes, Board member roster, Board of Director’s job descriptions, Nominating Committee procedures, nomination form, new membership form, release of liability form for Activities Chairs, and reimbursement forms.

  • Place the official records on a USB flash drive to facilitate the transfer of information when there is a change in officers.

  • Share on the Southern Girlfriends Facebook page and as needed submit general club information to External Affairs Administrator


The Treasurer shall:

  • Manage the financial records of the club as follows:  maintain a bank account in the name of the club; pay all bills; and present a monthly Treasurer’s report.

  • Send Treasurer’s report to Board members prior to Board meeting.

  • Participate with the Board in the preparation of the annual operating budget. Once approved, record new budget in the Treasurer’s book and in the Presidents Procedure Manual. Send report to Board members. Be a co-signer on the checking account.  

  • Share on the Southern Girlfriends Facebook page and as needed submit general club information to External Affairs Administrator.


The External Affairs Administrator

  • Responsible for maintaining the Southern Girlfriends Facebook page.

  • Oversee and assist all current and future activity groups.  Contact will be by phone, email or in person with the Chairs.

  • Meet with all Activities Chairs as a group as needed to review duties and responsibilities and discuss any concerns or problems.

  • Responsible for accumulating and verifying information, editing and writing articles, design, layout and transmission to printer and web administrator.

  • Responsible for publicizing all club programs and major events.

Special Interest Groups

Southern Sunshine Committee Member

  • Send letters or cards to members who are ill, have a seriously ill immediate family member, or have lost a member of their immediate family.

  • Upon the death of an Eagle Point Women’s Club member or her spouse, be responsible for sending flowers, a potted plant, or a donation to the deceased member’s favorite charity. The cost is not to exceed $50.

  • Contact Sunshine Committee members when one of our members needs support, such as food, rides, or help at home. Notify all chairs of groups that member is in, and ask for assistance from that group(s).

  • Keep Board members updated on all cards, deaths, or members in need of help.


Nominating Committee Member

  • Responsible for submitting and recommending to the Board the names of persons with appropriate skills and reputation to serve as officers of the Club.

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