Currently, we are still in the formation phase and will kick-off

when we are able to meet again. 

Just complete the application below. 

Do you desire to connect with women that have similar interests as you? If so, Southern Girlfriends is the perfect place for you! We share home keeping and lifestyle ideas, create our annual vision board/journal, read (Southern Girlfriends Book Club) and plan to host girl’s getaway weekends. We are located just south of Atlanta and connecting with women across the globe.

We are an organization for women in support of women's health, family, faith, being a citizen wherever we serve and simply enhancing the lives of women across the globe.   

Tosha Morell is a Professional Life Coach and founder of non-profit House of Empowerment, Inc. and has worked for the #1 utility industry in the south for 20 plus years and will serve as the Founder & President. Tosha also operates TM Diversified Inc. where she is a virtual assistant for small businesses and a private events planner. She has a passion for women empowerment and looking forward to connecting with women across the globe.

Southern Girlfriends is a new women's organization located in McDonough, GA, just south of Atlanta. Tosha wanted to create a platform to serve as a place for women to find friendship, be uplifted, motivated and a place to promote a spirit of unity among women. 

Together we will; 

Enhance the lives of women 

Promote and support women's health

Be a Citizen Wherever We Serve

hern Girlfriends Book Club is underway, join us here 

Women from across the globe and from all walks of

like connect via Zoom’s virtual platform

Membership is limited. The first 5 to become members will be eligible to win a prize! 

Our Core Values:

  • God first

  • Love and respect ourselves 

  • Respect everyone regardless of age, sexual orientation, race or past experiences

  • Enhance healthy relationships

  • Inspire and encourage participants that only excellence is expected

  • To live through leadership and confidence


Our calendar year is, January - May and Aug - Dec. We will take the summer off to enjoy with family unless we agree to plan an activity.   


Southern Girlfriends will be formed with women from across the globe. You don't have to live in a particular city or state. 


Once your membership application is received and reviewed, you will receive a Welcome email and Zoom information.   


Tosha enjoys celebrations! We will have celebrations as they come up throughout the year.  


Rules of Engagement: PLEASE READ

* Membership is open to women.

*The expectation is that you make the commitment to attend as many monthly sessions as possible.

* Be engaged. This is how you will get the most out of our time together.

* Confidentiality is key.  What we discuss should remain within the group. We are here to empower and uplift, not tear down.  

* Chats are not 1-1 coaching sessions, if you are interested in individual coaching, visit Tosha's coaching site and schedule your FREE 20-minute consultation to see how she can serve you. Working with a professional coach can help you see things that you may not be aware of. 

* We are not a nonprofit however will be in support of House of Empowerment Inc. and many other charitable organizations.      

Click here to contact Tosha Morell

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