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faith ~ sisterhood ~ excellence 

Do you desire to connect with women that have similar interests as you? If so, Sister 2 Sister Prayer Circe may be the perfect place for you!

Over the last year, God has placed a charge in my spirit that I have tried to avoid, only because I wasn’t sure of the direction. I had to pray and seek God for guidance. Over the past few months, God has been putting tidbits of how and what into my spirit. Because I pour into so many by having the titles, wife, mom, mentor, sister, daughter, and so on…I need to take time to review and renew myself so I will be equipped to continue to pour into others.

Over the years in mentoring and conversing with women, it seems like a common thread that it is harder to make true, lasting friendships after 40. So, I am starting a small group of married ladies to form, Sister 2 Sister Prayer Circle with God at the Center. Our #1 goal will be to pray for our family. From time to time, we can also connect for other types of activities. If friendship is something you really need in your life, take action, be bold and transition from I want, I want to asking God to show you who you need to connect with~~Tosha

No membership fees

The core of our group will be centered around prayer for our family

  • 1/month via virtual or in person. We will take turns to host

  • Discuss book if one agreed upon

  • No refreshments/wine

  • Come as you are

  • Our sacred time with God

  • Sacred time of prayer

  • If you feel compelled to pray during our time together, feel free to do so.

  • Have water and tissue available

  • We will take summers off (June – July) to enjoy with family unless we agree to plan an activity.   

  • If you will be absent, feel free to submit your prayers to the host

  • Not an over spiritualize group but ladies who love God and enjoy living life.

  • It's okay if you develop an organic prayer partner within the group for 1-1 prayer outside of our monthly prayer. As time goes on, we understand that some will develop stronger relationships.

Our Core Values:

  • God first

  • Love and respect ourselves 

  • Respect everyone regardless of age, sexual orientation, race or past experiences

  • Enhance healthy relationships

  • Inspire and encourage 

  • Excellence is expected

What does it mean to honor yourself and Sister 2 Sister Prayer Circle

  • Sis, be yourself. No need to try to impress others. 

  • Sis, give each other grace when someone can’t do something. We can’t do everything and attend everything. Just in your absence, be intentional about praying for that missed event etc.

  • Sis, women will be from all walks of life so make an intentional effort to connect and show up for each other. Go deeper beyond the surface. Give sisters permission to be in your life and to speak life into you.

  • Sis, be encouraging and uplifting.

  • Sis, we are not an exclusive sisterhood. It’s perfectly fine to have other friendships outside of the prayer circle. As we cultivate our friendship within, it can also help cultivate other friendships by making them richer, more beautiful, and well connected.

  • Sis, have the understanding that transparency, and authenticity will come with time. 

  • Sis, others are counting on you. Accountability is key. Be accountable and hold each other accountable.

  • Sis, we are not going to be judgmental.

  • Sis, love each other through the transition of life.

  • Sis, no drama, or personal agendas. Do everything in love.

  • Sis, no competition.

  • Sis, yes, we respect titles however let’s call each other by our first name

Now, on to the fun ways for us to connect from time to time

Celebrating, trips are just some of the awesome things we can do. If you wish to host an event, supply a list of items or monetary donation that is needed. Also include the attire. Hosting the event should not earn you a profit however this could be a time for those that have businesses to showcase what they offer with no pressure to buy. Let’s take turns planning. These types of events can be planned quarterly. Here are just a few ideas, 

  • Girls Night In

    • Charcuterie boards, crafting, backyard BBQ’s, pool parties, glamping, self-care

  • Girls Night Out

    • Spa, rest & relaxation, dinner, shopping

  • Girls Trip

    • Spa, dinner, desserts, shop,

  • Family Trips

  • Fitness

  • Golf

  • Breakfast/lunch/brunch

  • Be supportive of each other family events

    • Birthdays, children’s birthdays, anniversaries, deaths

  • Let’s get creative

Doubting sisterhood??

  • Have you said…I don’t do women or girl stuff like this?? If so, RESET your mind, not all women are the same. Be real with yourself if you weren’t interested in connecting you wouldn’t be reading this 😊

    • Allow LOVE to choke out FEAR

    • Self-evaluate to make sure you have been a great friend

    • If you want a friend, be a friend


Most of us are located just south of Atlanta and connecting with women across the globe.

We are a circle of women in support of healthy families through our faith and prayer, friendship, uplifting each other, and simply a place to promote a spirit of unity among women.    

Other stuff:

  • Membership is open to women.

  • Confidentiality is key. What we discuss should remain within the group. We are here to empower and uplift, not tear down.  

  • We are not a nonprofit however we can support Tosha's nonprofit, House of Empowerment Inc. from time to time and other charitable organizations suggested by members. 








How to join us?

Sis, if you agree and understand our journey, make the pledge in your spirit to be an awesome sister of Sister 2 Sister Prayer Circle, not to violate trust but to create a safe space where we can feed off each other. Next, complete the membership application when you are ready to join us. No pressure. Please keep in mind that membership is limited.

The first 5 women to become members will be our founding members and will receive a swag bag full of goodies. 


Once your membership application is received and reviewed, you will receive a welcome email and other details related to our get-to-know and first prayer time.

"Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven." 
Matthew 18:19


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