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Now get the benefits of hiring Clutter Coach Tosha, virtually! These coaching sessions are offered in mini (up to 45 min) and full (up to 2hr) sessions to meet your needs. The process begins with a FREE 30 minute Zoom Discovery Session to determine if virtual services would be the best fit for your needs.

Virtual organizing is best for clients who are self-starters and enjoy working in short bursts of time. Your sessions will be filled with specific steps that you'll be able to continue using on your own once the session ends. Virtual organizing isn't well-suited for clients who need to completely overhaul a space in a small amount of time, would like the work finished while they're away, or have physical limitations. (Those activities are better suited for our on-site organizing services which are not offered at this time.)


  • More flexible scheduling.

  • Less expensive than on-site organizing.

  • Produces a higher level of skill transfer (because you're doing the work on your own).

  • Increased self-confidence.

  • Less intrusive, particularly if you're anxious or embarrassed about your space.

  • Supplemental to on-site organizing if you need a quick session outside of our typical organizing hours.

  • Accountability and support via email between sessions.

  • Allows for DIY organizing with support via our Planning + Accountability Sessions, as well as a virtual body-double for our extended Decluttering + Organizing Sessions.


  • Planning + Accountability Sessions are best suited for clients who are looking for a DIY option. Each session is followed with an email reviewing the session and a linked recording.

  • Decluttering + Organizing Sessions are best suited for clients who would benefit from feeling like our organizers are on-site, working side-by-side (body doubling). These sessions do not include session recordings. 

  • Use your sessions your way - there is NO limit on the number of spaces or properties.

  • Packages expire 12 months after date of purchase, and are intended to be used in their stated time frame for optimum success.


Planning + Accountability Session (up to 45 min): $55

Decluttering + Organizing Session (up to 2hr): $130


4 - 45 Minute Sessions (10% savings): $199

6 - 2 Hour Sessions (10% savings): $699

Getting Started

Let us know what type of service you need on our Contact Form. We'll immediately send you an in-depth questionnaire so we can get to know more about your organizational goals. 

Changing your life doesn't happen overnight. It's a process of decluttering and organizing that develops into a lifestyle of freedom, joy, and peace.

​From CEO's to stay-at-home moms, our clients are open-minded, cooperative, and hopeful. They realize that in order for this process to work, they must be ready to make decisions, reevaluate their habits, and stop making excuses.

Sound like you? Great! Let’s get to work!

*On-Site Services are only available to existing clients.*

Take the next 5 seconds to let us know how we can help you!


We'll send you an individualized, in-depth questionnaire so that we can get to know more about your project needs.

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Referral Perks!

We LOVE our fabulous clients! When you refer someone to us who becomes a new client, you will receive ONE HOUR FREE (at your next organizing session) after the new client’s first paid 3hr session with us! 

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