Our mission is to empower women and children to make dramatic changes in their lives through coaching and mentoring. The mentoring program is positioned to be most accessible to young people who otherwise would be swept into the juvenile court system, frequent school detention, dropouts, or youth and young women who just do not have the opportunity afforded to them to be exposed to cultural and academic excellence.  


Tosha Morell is the founder of House of Empowerment, Inc. est. 2012. HoEi is designed to build and support women and youth from every walk of life through leadership and mentorship guidance. Tosha will share information to inspire individuals to new heights. Her goal is to help individuals live their absolute best life. She also provide individuals with resources and coaching to seek out their spiritual gifts, build self-esteem and identify their divine purpose for living. Individuals are encouraged to pursue their desires, dreams and goals through prayer, confidence and courage. Not only will they become leaders and entrepreneurs of our community but have a healthy holistic life. We are currently collecting suitcases for children in foster care.  Click to learn more currently focusing on youth in foster care.  

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Tosha Morell had the vision of forming a social club in 2008 that evolved in 2012 into  a philanthropic non-profit in Metro Atlanta, House of Empowerment, Inc. Through years of working with women and girls and wanting to see them grow, Tosha has one goal—empowering others to live holistically. She always saw a need to reach out to others through servant leadership. In 1993 while in Savannah, GA, she was inspired to start a youth organization, F.A.I.T.H (Focused and Inspiring Teen Heights) where she served as a mentor to girls ages 11-17. In 2010, Tosha began to seek God for more understanding of His word and to gain a better understanding of her purpose. In revealing her purpose, He began to reveal her true gifts all encompassed round servant leadership.

Several months later, God began to reveal her purpose, which is to, Seek Him and Serve Others. Servant leadership has always been a high priority on Tosha’s agenda, which one of her all-time favorite sermons is that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Drum Major Instinct, given on September 4, 1968. 

Tosha’s mission is to place God first, live with purpose and accomplish excellence in all areas of life while making a positive impact on the world.


Tosha serves as a Junior Achievement Volunteer Instructor. She also enjoys crafting, home making, empowering women, reading/research, planning events and spending time with her family.     

Tosha graduated Cum Laude from Mercer University majoring in Business and minor in Communications. She is a Certified Life Coach and through transparency, she is inspired to help others. She is also a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. 




Classic Gents

life group for men 

Men 40 and up, Calvin Morell has partnered with, House of Empowerment, Inc.  to host man to men conversations via conference call or Zoom. Men from all walks of life will be uplifted and encouraged. To learn more click below.    

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